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For a self-treatment guide that will help relieve your specific muscle pain please select from the menu to your left. If you cannot find a guide that addresses your condition, click on submit a Question and I will respond with an email.

'A Reminder of something you know already'

Regular FOCUSED stretches is one of the most underrated pain relief secrets. It keeps the muscle soft and long when relaxed.

'Tight muscles affects circulation'

Did you know that if muscle tissue is soft and long when relaxed it improves blood circulation with better delivery of oxygen and nutrients to all body tissue.

'Heal Your Pain'

Anywhere on the body, pain from muscle tightness can be relieved by treating it's trigger point. Knead the affected muscle until you find an intensely painful spot. Now with thumb or finger braced and comfortable, stay on the spot for a minute with very gentle pressure with your whole body relaxed.

'use it or lose it'

If you are not using your full range of motion, then muscle pain, discomfort or tightness could be the cause. Stretch the guilty muscle daily (for 20 seconds) so you can make full use of it.

'Self treatment for Neckpain and Headaches'

For this we use our thumbs very carefully. To brace it, make a soft fist and let your thumb protrude a little. Now, with shoulder and arm as relaxed as possible, use the braced thumb in a kneading action in the soft parts of your neck behind the ear and down the side. When you find an intense spot, pause here a few seconds with very gentle pressure.

'be more effective'

To be more effective, a stretch should be focused. Adjust the angle of your stretch to isolate the target muscle. You'll feel it. Now hold the stretch for at least 10 to 20 seconds

'fresh muscle injury

A fresh muscle injury is accompanied by inflammation and should be treated at intervals with ice. Muscle tightness on the other hand should be treated with heat. I recommend Wet Heat like a hot shower or bath, Jacuzzi, sauna, etc.

'tightness to pain'

A tight muscle will cause discomfort which, with repetitive use will turn to pain. Stretching is essential. However Trigger Point Therapy can speed the process of restoring the muscle to its ideal efficient state.

'Repetitive Stress

If a certain movement causes discomfort and that movement is repeated for an extended period, the discomfort could turn to pain, and if left unattended the discomfort or pain could prevail even without movement.

'Understand your pain and get lasting relief

A Muscle, no matter how long or short, is usually attached to a bone on each end, and if in chronic tightness can cause pain at the points of attachment as well as in the "belly" of the muscle.

'Hot showers and stretching'

Stretches are more effective and even enjoyable in a hot shower with the water jets directed on the area being stretched. Remember to keep the stretch within a comfort zone so you can enjoy it. The range of motion will increase each time.

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